Hexa by Kuho RTW Fall 2010 / NYCFW-Day01

Religion isn’t the easiest subject to address in the context of coats, tops and frocks. Yet Kuho Jung’s take on it proved intriguing. “I looked at all the different customs,” said Jung, who is also creative director of Samsung’s fashion arm in Korea and snagged Nick Knight to produce a film for the show. “When you look at Western religion, the clothing is all straight lines; in Asian, it’s draping.” Those ideas translated to a reconstruction romp of Kawakubo proportions, which recast men’s wear garments as swaddling dresses, tops and jackets in a mostly gray palette. One finale gown, for instance, was spliced together from mutiple blazers while a pair of trousers featured three tiered waistbands.

© by WWD / Photos by Pasha Antonov

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