Tabitha Simmons / by Garance Doré

I think the first time I saw Tabitha, she was cracking up laughing. I fell for her right then and there. It was on a shoot where she was the stylist in the middle of winter. We all got snuggled up in nice warm clothes, wrapped up like eskimos, yet she had the little detail of a pair of killer Balenciaga boots that I practically screamed at from behind her.
Shoes are great ice-breakers for girls. You don’t know each other, and then suddenly you’ve got something to talk about for hours and hours. I’d bet some of the greatest friendships were born from a pair of pumps. And that’s how I learned that Tabitha was incredibly passionate about shoes and that she was almost ready to release her own collection.
The tension was killing me and I made her promise to keep me updated. And here’s the result:

© by Garance Doré

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