FashionFUCK Preview x Don the Verb

A new zine is set to launch because founder Brigitte Nicole Brice "felt like New York today was missing this power of print."

Text by Carolyn Brennan

Brigitte Nicole Grice gave fashion-goers an exclusive preview of her sexy new ‘zine FashionFUCK this past Monday night, along with the unveiling of Hanna Astrom and Yanina Landsaat’s Hostess Spring/Summer 2010 collection for Don The Verb. FashionFUCK will be printing four limited edition issues total, with the first one launching this December.

What inspired you to launch your own magazine?
Brigitte Nicole Grice: I have always been interested in the world of print and especially magazines more than anything. I am constantly searching for magazines from the past and the present, that have dramatically influenced communities like Real Life magazine did in the art community in the ‘80s and how i-D and Dazed took fashion and fused the pages with multifaceted outlets of creativity. I felt like New York today was missing this power of print, and people were getting a bit too caught up with the internet and blog cultures. FashionFUCK would be a way reposition and approach this new, young and old, professional and emerging, creative community that needs more than the internet can provide.

Can you tell me what else will be featured in the premiere issue?
Brigitte Nicole Grice: I can’t give away too much, but I can tell there is going to be more from Chadwick Tyler, there’s going to be some beautiful illustrations stretching the runway looks into our own fantasy land, a lot of collaborations amongst artists, designers and photographers, and some exclusive shoots with New York designers. The rest is hush-hush, but many amazing things are happening in the four issues to be released of fashionFUCK.

Who else has been working with you on FashionFUCK?
Brigitte Nicole Grice: There are a lot of great and extremely talented people on board; fashionFUCK is very much community-focused and operating like a collaborative team. In an attempt to eliminate the hierarchy system used in mainstream fashion magazines, fashionFUCK is teaming up with the most talented creatives in the fields of fashion, art, photography and literature, whether well-known professionals or emerging youths. We are leveling the playing field when it comes to the elite attitude that comes with fashion, making it accessible, and in that way opening adding fresh ideas.

How do you know Don The Verb?
Brigitte Nicole Grice: I’ve been going to their shows for a couple of years now, and when they had their store I would come and wander into their beautiful space on Delancey. We worked on some shoots together and to use a way too overused phrase, the rest is history. It was a great time working with Yana and Hanna, we all have very similar ideas about fashion, and they have been very supportive of the magazine.

In an economy where other magazines are suffering, what will fashionFuck do to stay relevant to readers?
Brigitte Nicole Grice: It’s usually in times of economic downfalls that people crave a creative outlet more than anything. They want something to take them away from their personal lives and be able to escape within. It is this cry to the imagination to actually rethink fashion in terms of art, literature, music and performance, instead of spitting out the same thing season after season. It’s these cravings for something different that will make fashionFUCK stand out and stay relevant to its readers.

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