Darren McDonald

Text by Alicia Waite

What is it about life in the Southern Hemisphere that is so desirable? Perhaps it's something to do with the fact that the relaxed vibe of Australia's sun, sea and sand life ethic is about as far away from the rain-addled London highroads as can possibly be. Or because the stereotypical Aussie girl is only separated from the average Brit babe by a year-round tan, a morning surfing hobby, toned thighs and an unusual capacity for keeping up with the boys on a big night out whilst looking like something out of a Victoria's Secret catwalk show...

Well, whatever it is, Australian photographer Darren McDonald captures it all. Shooting only the most ethereal and naturally beautiful of models, Mcdonald has the uncanny ability to bring out the softest, most feminine sides in all, without letting his images slip into whimsicality. Always retaining a certain amount of edge, his editorials mostly include clothing by labels from Australia and New Zealand, such as the shoot above in which model Cornelia Tat wears garments from Zambesi.

I'm far too impatient to wait for each of his editorials to hit the website, so for little tasters of Australian beauty in between, read his blog Cold After Midnight.

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