Limited Edition Range Rover Holland&Holland by Overfinch, limited to 100 units annually

Land Rover customizer Overfinch has teamed up with British sportgun and rifle maker Holland & Holland to create a limited production Ranger Rover.

With your choice of either TDV8 diesel or 5.0-liter gasser, Overfinch starts with a host of pleasant but rather pedestrian upgrades (wheels, lights, tires, exhaust, fascia) and then outfits the shepherd's pie out of it. Top-of-the-line leather on everything, including an Alcantara headliner, is a given. The first special bit is the center console between the rear seats, complete with a fridge and storage compartment. Once again, nothing completely out-of-the-ordinary.

What truly raises this Rover to the level of sublimely obscene is the rear, bespoke cupboard; a hand-crafted cabinet complete with crystal glasses and flutes, shotguns, cartridge holders and liquor. Even better, the company will restock your bar for a year. And what's in the bar?

Pol Roger Champagne, Balvenie single malt whiskey, Hendrick's single batch gin, Ivan The Terrible luxury vodka, and Willow Spring Water. Sure, it'll smell like cigar smoke and angina by the end of that year, but it's totally worth the $196,000 export cost.
© by Land Rover

via BaxterFinley

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