Dinner Date with Brodinski

Joining the French techno wonderkid as he drops Peanuts Club and opens his residency at Paris Social Club

Text by Terence Teh

Noob and Brodinski’s Peanuts Club is out now on Turbo. As you’d expect from all involved it’s a bit of a face melter. To celebrate Brodi takes us on a date with the lead up to his debut at his own Paris Social Club residency with special guests Renaissance Man and Bok Bok. Watch the video reated by Turbo's Thomas Von Party…

7pm: Apéritif at Manu’s.
At 7pm I meet Renaissance Man at my manager’s house. My manager Manu is having a party for his birthday. I meet some old friends like Etienne de Crecy and Vincent from Dat Politics. Everybody is in a good mood and Lorette (Manu’s wife) is making mojitos for everyone. The night’s gonna be fucked up! It’s the second time that Martin and Ville (Renaissance Man) are playing the Social Club, and they’re pretty happy. I’m also very satisfied with tonight’s line up, for my first residency night at the club. We’ve just heard some of our good friends are coming like Teki Latex, Romain and Thomas from the Salty Bit.

1.15am: Renaissance Man at the club.
Renaissance Man start their set supported by Teki Latex and Dan from Jackmode. Dan seems so happy to be there! The club is overcrowded and people start to get in the mood. I can hear the Buraka Som Systema remix by James Talk. Great reactions from the people. Renaissance Man are good DJs. Everyone has arrived. Renaissance Man play their progressive set, getting everybody crazy! DJ Afrojack is here, he spent the day at Disneyland and decided to come and see what was going on.

2.45am: My turn.
It’s now my turn and I start my set around 2.45 am. Renaissance Man did a great job, everyone’s ready and I’m very happy. I start by playing Michel Cleis’s Skunk Anansie remix, a real masterpiece! The crowd reacts amazingly! I play everything from rap music to techno. In the middle of my set I drop Peanuts Club, the new anthem of my residency. People already know the track and their reaction is just perfect. Mo Laudi from Radioclit arrives and, as usual, he takes the microphone and starts to sing over techno hits. I stop DJing for a moment, and start a rap session. I particularly remember the bootleg of Major Lazer and O Da Juiceman - so good! I’m looking forward to the next night, with Schlachthofbronx and Solo from the Toxic Soirées. Be there, it’s 6th November 6!

4.30am: Bok Bok’s monstrous set.
This English guy is one of my favourite producer/DJs of this year. He also did a remix of Peanuts Club (which I am sure will come out soon even if it wasn’t on the Turbo EP), where he worked with another English dude called Greena. Keep an eye on them! Bok Bok plays a monstrous set, with many tracks typical of his unique sound. L-Vis 1990 and Bok Bok are residents of their own party in London called Night Slugs. He does a great job and I’m very proud to have him here for his first gig in Paris.

6.15am: End of the night
The night slowly comes to an end. Like everywhere else, the only survivors are drunk guys and girls you have to kick away. I leave pretty quickly back to my hotel. I’m leaving at 9am in the morning for Amsterdam. Quote of the night: 10/10. I’m very happy everybody had fun, and I got only good feedback. Good night!

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