Giles Accessory Line S/S 10

Loose denim star shapes and supersized England flags seemed to show the patriotic side for Giles

Living up to his reputation for creating adventurous designs, models sporting huge England flag bags on the end of tubular polka dot straps looked crazy as ever whilst brocade bra-tops and super-long lashes accessorised streamline lycra spandex bodysuits and appliqued patchwork balloon pants at Giles' Accessory Line.

How do you feel about your first show at Paris? What does it mean to you as a designer?
Giles Deacon: I am really excited about showing in Paris, it will be great for business and showing in the original fashion capital of the world is great for the brand. I will be keeping one foot in London with the jewellery launch in September during London Fashion weeks 25th anniversary celebrations.

The success of high street jewellery collection continues. Normally haute couture comes first, why did you decide to design for the catwalk?

Giles Deacon: We always show accessories with the collection but it was always bespoke. This is the first fine jewellery range to be available for retail distribution.

Is the collection for private customers only or will it be available to buy in a selected retailer?

Giles Deacon: The collection will be available from selected retailers and private bespoke commissions are most welcome.

Is this for one season only or are you already designing the next collection?

Giles Deacon: Yes, already working on ideas for next season.

When you designed your forthcoming collection for the catwalk, did the clothing come first with jewellery as a accessory addition or did you create individual pieces for a specific catwalk look?
Giles Deacon: S/S 10 Giles fine jewellery collection was designed in tandem with the ready to wear collection. The jewellery can exist independently or alongside the collection.

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