Be-COS We Want To

COS, the purveyors of cool, calm and collected fashion have revamped their website to bring you into their world.

COS have upgraded their website to an altogether more dynamic beast that is quite literally a collection of COS thoughts. Laid out as on one enlarged page that animatedly scrolls as you click through images, COS present a menagerie of images that make up their universe, giving a more in depth glimpse into the things that make and shape the brand.

All of the current A/W 09 campaign, look book and alternatively styled outfit images are available to browse through with everything made shareable via online social network sites. On a more practical level, there will be a regular update of products that are currently going into stores and also the very distinctive COS store interior images will be published under the category of 'Spaces'.

Then branching out from COS-related imagery, under ‘Things’, an array of enriching images are posted, with architecture photography by Friederike von Rauch and Sartorialist's new book currently inspiring the team. To further engage people with the world of COS, the new site also features highlights from their impressive in-house magazine, with the latest A/W 09 issue featuring Grace Coddington, actor Harry Treadaway and artist Sam-Taylor Wood.

New COS website live now.

© by COS

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