Gossip Guys

Text by John-Michael O'Sullivan

Like most people on Planet Fashion, I’m a not-so-secret Gossip Girl addict. And though I’m unlikely to ever wake up and find I’m a privileged Upper East Sider with unfeasibly shiny hair, a stash of snappy one-liners and a handy knack for getting into nightclubs despite clearly being underage, it doesn’t stop me envying their trust fund wardrobes!

My guess is that real life Park Avenue Princes would suit Seann Wiliam Salim’s twisted preppy aesthetic to a tee. A graduate from Parsons School of Design, New York designer Salim’s S2VS menswear label has been around since 2007, and has a great way of adding subversive touches to laid-back basics - like side-fastened cardigans with wraparound waists, super-fitted coats with slouchy sweater details or leather hoodies with gathered sleeves.

Gossip Guys

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