Very Fashionary

Sketchbook tailor Fashionary is the new must have accessory for fashion designers and aficionados alike.

Text by Kat George

Fashionary is the world’s first fashion sketchbook, a one stop resource for established and aspiring designers, or those who are just intrigued by the craft. The main functions of the fashion diary are to provide intensive fashion information and blended figure templates as a helpful, informative tool that assists creative in the first steps of brainstorming and realising designs.

The revolutionary Fashionary is devoted to easing the daunting process of design, and the concept of blended figure templates allows designers to begin with a basic template onto which they can transfer their creative material. The templates are set on blank sketch paper and are barely visible, so while offering a subtle stepping-stone in terms of establishing proportion and speed in sketching, they do not overpower the designers ideas.

Fashionary also acts as a mini omnibus and dictionary, containing pertinent information about body measurements, basic patterns, typography and presentation of samples amongst other things. This is designed to make the research process quicker and more effective so the creative process can occur more rapidly, and focus can fall to actual design.

Perhaps the most alluring part of this concept is its future growth- Fashionary will update periodically in accordance with customer feedback to ensure it continues to acts as a comprehensive resource. All the templates in the book are also free to download and trial, and a menswear version will be available in early 2010.

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