A Single Man

Text by John-Michael O'Sullivan

Most movie releases come with months of advance publicity, hype and trailers: not so Tom Ford’s directorial debut, A Single Man, which has slipped quietly through the net.

Ford’s gone on record recently vowing never to do a catwalk show again: the former ruler of the runways has transformed himself into an ambassador for discreet luxury. He seems to be applying the same approach to the film, which is rumoured to be launching at the Venice Festival in September, but which will not be seen by anyone till the premiere.

Set in Sixties Los Angeles, the period seems a perfect fit for Ford’s hedonistic aesthetic: the few paparazzi shots there are show Julianne Moore in full Palm Beach mode, with big bouffant and an embroidered kaftan, and the actors looking like they’ve strayed off the set of Mad Men in sober tailoring. (With a few topless tennis players thrown in for good measure)

After a decade when Ford’s infamous ad campaigns transformed fashion, all eyes will be on his first big-screen outing to see where his vision is heading. And it’s probably a safe bet that next summer’s runways will be all about West Coast cool . . .

A Single Man

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