Hussein Chalayan HOME tote

Hussein Chalayan’s HOME tote seeks to save the world, addressing issues of extinction and global warming with a stylish twist.

Text by Kat George

The pressing global environmental crisis has prompted PPR, under the leadership of Francois-Heni Pinault and in conjunction with director Yann Arthus-Bertrand and producer Luc Besson, to release the film HOME, a moving insight into the unparalleled beauty of our diseased planet. Following the release of the movie, pre-eminent designer Hussein Chalayan has joined forces with PPR’s social awareness project to create a covetable printed tote. As leaders in their fields, PPR and Chalayan have taken on the immense responsibility in leading the call to arms for a global movement to save our fragile Earth from man made infliction. The initiative is designed to raise community awareness of the problems plaguing our planet, and to mobilize and harness the awesome power of humanity in order to stop and indeed seek to reverse the unjust harms plaguing the environment, and to preserve the planet for future generations.Chalayan’s tote, in the same vein, is based around issues of global warming and the looming danger of expiration to the animal kingdom. The tote itself features prints of endangered species with areas blanked out to denote the earth’s denizens that are now extinct. Chalayan says “The environment we are living in has been a leitmotiv theme throughout my career. It felt completely natural to join forces and create that tote bag for the HOME project. I wanted something with a very simple and obvious message that speaks to everyone.” Indeed, the project is a charitable venture in itself, with all proceeds from sales of the tote going to GoodPlanet, Arthus-Bertrand’s environmental organisation.

The tote will be on sale from mid July from

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