Henrik Vibskov and Trentemøller at Roskilde

The Danish fashion designer creates an elaborate set for Trentemøller inspired by Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Last weekend, Danish electronic dreamscapers
Trentemøller headlined the Roskilde festival with both an audio and visual feast for festival-goers. Trentemøller invited fellow Dane, Henrik Vibskov to design an elaborate set that is a convenient continuation from Vibskov's S/S 10 collection "The Solar Donkey Experiment" presented at Paris a few weeks ago. Vibskov also took to the stage with Trentemøller indulging in his second passion of drumming having been bitten by the touring bug last year when he toured with the band.Like all Vibskov's previous collections, he draws inspiration from a variety of random sources. For the set, he referenced the Spielberg classic "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" but also added a burlesque aesthetic with his trademark red fringe on the troop of tribal by-standers that surrounded Trentemøller. Both this installation and his stage for his recent menswear show, are supposed to tell an old tale that informed the cryptic name of the collection. "Can there be life without donkeys?" is a story about a mean farmer who tried to train his donkey to live without eating. At the beginning the donkey is able to cope but in the end collapses and dies. We're not entirely sure where the donkey comes into play in Vibskov's aesthetic or whether Vibskov is architecting himself as the mean farmer but as usual he leaves interpretation pretty much open-ended for us to read into.

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