The Boxer as muse

Text by Luke Raymond

In the face of the recession related woes bandied around, Ann Demeulemeester and Masataka Matsumura at Giuliano Fujiwara presented spring/summer collections which literally threatened to beat off, beat up and scale any potential opponents through the subtle invocation of the athlete - the boxer and the mountaineer - as muse.

Though Ann D.’s decision to present an “enlightened”, pared down collection, as she did away with layering, could be regarded as a safe focus upon saleable basics, her man remained in fighting spirits. The bare torsos and menacing stares of the models together with the silk robes and high waisted trousers recall traditional boxing garb and suggest an alternative to a mere surrender to commercial demands.

Matsumara at Fujiwara too took the sportswear theme and...ahem...ran with it. Decked in helmets, tailored joggers, high-tops and with a multitude of straps freed from their usual bondage connotations, Matsumara’s urban mountaineer look is instantly covetable. That’s why I’m using it and Ann’s boxing motif for inspiration. I plan on grabbing some grey cuffed bottom joggers, maybe even shorts, some black leggings to the knee and my recent birthday splurge of the bStore Sidney cut-out boots for a loosely based re-tread; helmet optional.

Boxing Clever

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