Prada S/S 2010 men

Miuccia Prada has a knack for cutting through the noise and she succeeded again with a modern collection inspired by black-and-white movies and big-city life. “The vacation mood is impractical now. We must embellish our everyday life and build something more pleasant daily,” Prada said before the show. So rather than “running off to Hawaii,” Miuccia’s man is dressed for a summer in the gray city, decked out in a plethora of slimly tailored suits in micro patterns, plus perforated knits, jackets, hats and shoes.

First out were double-breasted jackets with thin lapels, followed by layers of mesh cardigans and vests, which were grainy and lightweight. “Let’s make the city suit more relaxed,” Prada said, which she did by mixing chevrons, houndstooth and Art Deco swirls. A soundtrack that crackled with cell phone interference or the rumble of passing cars added to the urbane drama — as did cutoff tailored shorts and raw-edged silk shirts. They rounded out a collection that, despite its monochromatic nature, was anything but one-dimensional.

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