Hermès S/S 2010 men

The carpet of dirt at Hermès underscored a bucolic, sportswear-driven collection that orchestrated the brand’s heritage, Véronique Nichanian’s penchant for classics, and the present vogue for casual elegance. The signature equestrian motifs that bedecked silk shirts, swim trunks and neckerchiefs hit the season’s trend of lively prints. The use of color — dusky forest hues and the occasional pop of key lime — was a refreshing sight in a season dominated by beige and gray. The light textures of linen, suede, seersucker and chunky knits heightened the overall organic feel, while the rich-bohemian styling asserted Parisian sophistication. Meanwhile, buttery leather shirts and outerwear were gentle reminders of the house’s leather craftsmanship.

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