Graduate Talent

Text by Lauren Goddard

It's hard to believe that, year after year, graduates just keep on getting better. Each designer has their own signature already and knows how to develop their designs with a fresh, unique outlook on fashion. Sofia Palm showcases simplistic dressing at it's finest with her wrap coat, using draping to add that extra detail to it. Hanna Lindblom creates a dress that vaguely reminds me of the paper snowflakes you make at Christmas, in the best way possible of course. The nude tones have me screaming for the dress and the lack of shape only drags me in further. Here the design elements are complex enough to carry out the shape well, flattering the wearer in a whole new way.

For me, my favourite has to be Emma Redeskog with the feather layered jacket- it completely blows my mind. With that jacket glorifying me, I can totally see a whole new Sesame Street whirlwind occurring. Big bird would have absolutely nothing on me and that overriding self-confidence is definitely welcome in my book. I feel like it's obligatory for me to create my own version ASAP just so I can shock people with my new bird jacket powers. With all of these graduate designers in mind, I'm ready to hit my sewing machine with a new burst of inspiration and a strange need for a feathered pet.

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