FAUX/real Jewellery

Worn by Coco Rosie, Dante Fried Chicken and Bjork, Brooklyn’s conceptual jewellery duo launch their new line.

Text by Terence Teh

“FAUX/real is the evolutionary voice of several minds brought together to express their inner selves, the medium at hand being wearable designs. We blur the lines of reality through the exploration of the future and the relativity of the now.” And that’s the message of FAUX/real, Brooklyn’s jewellery duo of Louis DeCicco and Jennifer Franzese, the creative minds behind New York’s break out line worn by Coco Rosie, Dante Fried Chicken and Theophilus London - with Bjork recently walking into the Seven New York boutique for a piece of FAUX/real. With a new collection entitled Despair8 inspired by the “mellow dramatic sounds of Latin Freestyle”, Jennifer and Louis are spreading the gospel.

What's the FAUX/real ethos?
Jennifer Franzese: Our creative passion is expressed through the love of thought. Love of sounds. Love of love. We are making "traditional" jewellery using "non traditional" elements, creating wearable objects that provoke curiosity. The love of the future and the new are quintessentially FAUX/real. We make all of this possible through no formal education and the most minimal of budgets. Okay... to be completely honest we are so poor but rich with idea. We like to think that the gold and diamonds are in the ideas themselves. Haha.

What’s the new line inspired by? Latin Freestyle music?
Jennifer Franzese: Growing up in NY we have an affinity to this music for its rich spirit juxtaposed with its poor, urban roots. Creation emerging from necessity. The sound deals with extreme love, loss. There is a desperation that comes with that vulnerability. We also made a faux record as the face of this series. Inside the record sleeve is a scratched 12" exclaiming, “FAUX/real!” Taped to the record is a CD with a mix of eight unexpected, obscure Latin Freestyle tracks.

You have a very strong relationship with music.
Jennifer Franzese: Music is our seed of inspiration and our best friend. We love it all and we get excited when we hear something new. We get inspired by rhythm and mood. We put so much thought into what we do and make because we want you to love it, as much as we love the inspirational root, the music.

What’s up with new New York fashion?
Jennifer Franzese: We hear the new trend in fashion, is to dress up your brain.

What’s the Blvck America collective that you’re part of?
Jennifer Franzese: It is an opportunity to create new thinking or social fabric for the arts. A different, more sensitive approach. They curated the 10th anniversary art suction for White Box gallery with FAUX/real and Hood by Air and resident DJ Saheer. And I hear they are down at Venice Biennale making some magic happen. Blvck America wants to curate an alternate experience. Like a black hole, they want to draw you in and make sure that you can’t escape its pull.

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