Pat & Sticks Homemade Ice Cream Co, Sydney

They say that in troubled times people take comfort in small luxuries, so it’s little wonder that Sydney-based ice cream makers Pat Monnot and ‘Stick’ Seach have been run off their feet.

For the past three years, at their small operation in the suburb of Leichhardt, they’ve created handmade ice cream sandwiches (mainly for the wholesale market) that are almost single-handedly worth travelling to Sydney for.

The men met at a party and, having finished IT degrees, decided they wanted something else in life. 'We’re mates from way back,' explains Seach, 'and we just decided to have a good crack at making ice-cream.' Monnot has a background in the art but Seach confesses he just loves food.

There are eight main flavours in the line – the original (and best, for our mind) is Vanilla Lace, vanilla ice cream between two crunchy oat and almond biscuits – although when specific fruit is in season, for example, they’ll come up with a limited release.

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