Airside by Airside, Book

London-based creative studio, Airside, have long been known for their distinctive brand of design innovation. Yet their influence is nothing to be sniffed at.

Characterised by a cardboard cut-out aesthetic, dazzling use of colour and a simple childlike appeal – Airside have been instrumental in defining the visual identity of the noughties.

Founded in 1998 by three budding art-school graduates, Airside have, over the course of their ascension into the throes of design royalty, produced some of the most memorable work of the last decade.

To celebrate their tenth anniversary, Airside by Airside, a luscious tome outlining the length and breadth of this innovative troupes most important work will be released this month.

Working across the extent of the media, on print, digital and moving image platforms, Airside have collaborated with everyone from Coca Cola to Greenpeace, and MTV to Orange.

Lemon Jelly - fronted by nineties musical messiah, Fred Deakin – commissioned Airside to produce the artwork for their seminal album, Lost Horizons back in 2002. Nominated for a prestigious D&Ad award, Airside’s wobbly, psychedelic visuals can be held singularly responsible for sedating many a susceptible art student.

With contributions from Neil Tennant, Anthony Minghella and David Wright, Airside by Airside is a celebration of a true pioneer in 21st century design - and, by our estimation, it's come not a moment too soon.


Published by Die Gestalten Verlag on 24th April 2009, £35


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