Temperley London’s Worldwide Installation Series

As Temperley London ditches the catwalk, we get the exclusive on the fashion house’s latest project.

Text by Kat George

Photo by Matilda Temperley

For the presentation of their A/W 09 collection, Temperley London will abandon the catwalk for the first time since 2003, opting instead to show their work in an innovative new design concept. The new collection will be showcased as a Worldwide Installation Series where clothing will meet technology in a bid to introduce the range to a wider audience and to compensate for the current global economic crisis. The installation, coinciding with the re-launch of the brand’s website, will be unveiled in London on the 17th and 18th of February, and we have been given an exclusive sneak peek at what the set will look like, in a special image shot by Matilda Temperley.

Temperley’s collection looks set to be strong and forward, incorporating equestrian and marching band elements with a dark, brooding atmosphere. Leather, lace, elbow length gloves and killer heels give smoky-eyed models a soldier-esque presence rivalled only by their dangerous sex appeal and the ominous enigma surrounding them. Being presented as a contemporary art installation will only add to the shadowy foreboding of the collection, as clothing comes to life in the form of a narrative not always accessible on the runway.

The London launch of Temperley’s installation will follow the New York debut before it moves on to Paris, linking together the world’s most prominent fashion cities with it’s unique perspective. Imagery from the installation including catwalk photos shot by Tim Moore will then be proliferated by the popular media to reach the extended public. Working with artists from around the world including film director Magnus Dennis, set designer Shona Heath and photographer Josh Olins, Temperley have also produced a short film to accompany the London leg of the presentation. Watch this space for more…

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