Disco Fever

All glitter, sparkle and spandex Fan Death revive the old school dance scene.

Text by Alexandria Gouveia

While the fashion pack are strutting down the high streets in the latest pastel palettes and flowing flirty frocks the Fan Death ladies gaily skip in costume couture. Lashings of eyeliner, layers of false lashes and outfits so daring they make ABBA seem demure. Fan Death are anything but mundane.

The quirky – a seemingly lazy adjective but the only word befitting – duo comprise of sassy blonde Marta from Poland and vivacious brunette, Dandilion, from Northern Canada. Together they produce music so embedded in retro pop and electro coolness that as far as the culture scene is concerned, they embody the zeitgeist.

While most of our disco experiences tend to revolve around the side step dance, with the odd finger clicks thrown in if you were brave enough, Fan Death throw shapes a la the 1980s Molly Ringwald. Crazy legs and arms overhead in wild sweeping movements. They have the fever, the disco fever. Here’s all you need to know t
he ladies...

They know how to pick a party.

When we filmed our video for Veronica’s Veil, in Mexico City, Mexico, we would visit a club called Patrick Miller. Everyone is under 5ft and dresses like gothic disco pirates.

They’re not afraid of a spot of narcissism.

Our ideal soundtrack would be our own music because we know what we want to hear. Invite us to play at a party and watch how it improves. Everybody wants to have a good time when we come out and they do.

The band name derives from a South Korean myth that an electric fan, if left running overnight in a closed room, can cause death by suffocation, poisoning, or hypothermia.

A Korean friend told us about the urban legend and we thought it sounded like a good band name.

They insist their kooky style is necessary for their music.

Nowadays people discover bands through magazines. Our image is the visual representation of the music. In every way – our lyrics, sounds, and look – everything is straight from a personal feeling or thought.

Fan Death have a penchant for all things animal and magical.

We love nature and there is something mystical about owls. They seem to possess a deep knowledge in their golden eyes. While we are not obsessed with unicorns we are fascinated with all fantasy and dream references like unicorns.

1980s idols are the inspiration for their music, style and rhythm.

Good pop music like Prince, T Rex, and Kate Bush were our influences because they make music that has a personality and uniqueness while still being accessible.

Music has always been part of their life.

We've both played in other bands. I used to do more punk and experimental stuff while Marta, with her Polish roots, was involved in a lot of folk, classical and downbeat electronic music.

They have a sense of humour.

When asked about their worst fan experience they replied: “We once caught a cold from the dust blown in the window by a fan.”

They have no barriers.
We just follow our instincts and do what we want to do. You can never go too far doing what you like.

Would fame ever turn them into divas?

[Hysterical laughter] Funny question! We couldn’t possibly answer that. No comment.

Not mass marketed Fan Death are involved in every aspect of their music production.

We do it all ourselves. Playing instruments, songwriting, singing, working on the videos and business stuff. We do it all.

Forget Barack Obama and other great political forces…

Our future is set for loads of touring, producing more singles, releasing an album, and, of course, world domination.

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