Photographer - Andrea Klarin (Grace Jones)

It would take a bold and confident photographer to work with Ms Grace Jones – she of the panther like qualities and iconic outlandish style! Andrea Klarin seems to have created not only a working relationship with Ms Jones but also a truly collaborative experience with startling results. Ms Jones prowls across the studio space commanding your attention with her dramatic poses and facial expressions.

With a series of masks and headwear upon which to reveal herself or hide (who really knows with Ms Jones) the look is couture dominatrix! Yugoslavian born Klarin (now based in Paris) brings a highly stylised and extravagant approach to this shoot showcasing his ability to think big and think imaginatively allowing the muse to create the interest and not be distracted by a setting or location.“I don't try to represent the reality but I try to filter it and through the imaginary world with some elegance and glitter!”

Klarin’s pedigree is finely tuned and credits his abilities to working with highly talented teams. He has worked with couture houses, commercial brands, high end glossy magazines alike with clients like Valentino, Lanvin, Rochas, L’Oreal, Vogue, Harpers, Instyle and Nike to name a few.

And from this photo session Grace Jones vs Andrea Klarin, i used the first photo, to be the my main blog photo...because i LOVE it!

Model: Grace Jones

Photographer: Andrea Klarin

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