Hal Sear (London, UK)

Hal Sear is chasing the human desire for otherness with his deeply personal yet hauntingly unreal photography.

Text by John-Paul Pryor

Hal Sear is a 24-year-old Royal College Of Art Graduate whose large-scale photographic portraits explore concepts of personal identity within the confines of hauntingly atmospheric scenarios. Referencing themes from both film and popular culture his work plays on the human desire for otherness, creating scenes in which the self is replaced with an illusive, beautiful, yet fictional screen character. He exhibits new work it The Dazed Gallery this February in the exhibition Who The FUCK Do You Think You ARE?

Q and A


…your work all about?
It’s about creating something I want but can’t have.

… the one piece of work you wish you’d created?
It would be a movie for sure, but I’m not sure which one.

… the world coming to?
I think it’s more a case of what is the world going back to?

…the best piece of advice you have ever heard?
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

…at the top of your shit list?
Beauty, at its most artificial, is incredibly destructive.

…the most important thing an artist should remember?
If there is something wrong with you, then take it out on someone else!

…the most inspiring thing you’ve ever seen?
I always receive inspiration through the bottom of an empty glass.

…the name of your hero?
I have too many. That’s a good thing.

…so great about your hero?
They’re all the best friends I could ever have.

…the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?
I got what I wanted.

…the cleverest thing you’ve ever done?
I realised I didn’t actually need it.

…the point?
I don’t know. But I do know a 23-year-old who does!

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