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Dries Van Noten's beauty and fragrance line was introduced in 2022. The brand has created unique combinations of makeup and perfume, such as Cannabis Patchouli, developed by Van Noten and nose Nicolas Bonneville.

In Van Noten's world, contrasting elements are blended to create surprise. Cannabis Patchouli has a light and dark scent, with fresh green leaves of clary sage aromatics mixed with the woody leaves of patchouli and Dries Van Noten was inspired by it to create Mystic Moss, his latest spring scent. 

Mystic Moss is part of a trio of citrussy Eau de Toilettes in the Dries Van Noten beauty line, alongside Orange Smoke, which combines orange blossom with incense, and Sur Ma Peau, an amber fragrance with notes of bergamot and mandarin. Mystic Moss has a fresh mandarin scent, but this time, it has a more savoury aroma with clary sage, oakmoss, and fleur de sel, an ingredient derived from the crust of salt on the surface of seawater as it evaporates.

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