If I am correct, this last work by Alice Rohrwacher is not in theatres anymore, so why should I write about it when it is already gone? From my perspective, the existence of one film should not end with the last day of its projection, but it is just the beginning of the film´s journey, the film as a finished work, as an art entity. In these regards, is this movie worth its post-distribution life, at least a human-length one, if not eternal?  

La Chimera is not a fairytale because it is too pragmatic and definitely because of the. OK, no spoilers. I see it as a poetic presentation and reflection of different types of humans, about characteristics that have been present in them since the beginning, since day one, an actual theme and, I dare to say, a never-ending one that will be gone only with the human species. A mirror of our society, what we are surrounded by and what we are.

Anything else and more that you could get from my lines and the trailer, discover in the film, so take a chance, whenever you have one, to view it.

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