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Rei Kawakubo's fashion shows are not solely about fabric, cut, and shape but also about the emotional suspense they create, a walking art form. Her fall 2009 for Comme des Garçons is one of her many collections that acts that way. 

An affecting display of symbolism, featuring cone-shaped layerings made from sweaters, parts of blankets and jackets, layers of skin-coloured tulle, and veiled face masks, a reflection of confusing time and the struggle of understanding it, a curious dream in which fragility and utility blurred into a complicated vision of beauty. Multi-layering looks that act as a shield and at the same time as a cocoon, protecting us from the harsh world while comforting us and cherishing our inner child, as can be translated through toes sketched on the uppers of men's lace-ups and drawn outlines of the jackets.

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