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Beatriz and Henrique meet, fall in love, and marry when Beatriz is 21. Henrique is a naval officer and goes to sea while Beatriz looks after their six children at home. Sadly, one day, Beatriz dies unexpectedly, leaving behind her oldest son, Jacinto, who has dreamt of transforming into a bird since childhood. Jacinto is the father of director Catarina Vasconcelos, whose own mother passed away when Catarina was 17. 

Following the loss of their mothers, Catarina began working on a film titled A metamorfose dos pássaros. With influences from Manoel de Oliveira and Agnès Varda, Catarina Vasconcelos has brought her family story to life in this deeply personal film, resembling a polyphonic diary. Commemoration and mourning blend into a poetic narrative where father and daughter examine their history and the emerging motion picture. Like the two late mothers, this work´s imagery provides solace against the endless passage of time. Finally, the living protagonists learn that departure is essential for a new start.

This movie is another string that deeply bonds me to my beloved Portugal, a gem that I warmly suggest you see.

The director Catarina Vasconcelos shares some stories that refer to specific frames from the film.

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