The fashion show in question was named after a small, picturesque Norwegian town that is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, thus setting the theme of the show as an ode to wildlife and the natural world. However, while these themes were certainly present in the show, it was also a reflection of Alexander McQueen's deteriorating mental health and the darker aspects of the fashion industry, resulting in an eerie, haunting portrayal of both nature and the human spirit. 

The event was held in London, with guests taking their seats around a large, black-mirrored-glass box. They were made to look at themselves for almost two hours before the show began, surrounded by an eerie silence that urged them to self-reflect instead of merely scrutinizing the models. Those who were interviewed afterwards described the experience as deeply unsettling. 

When the lights finally came on, the viewers were confronted with a padded room that was reminiscent of a mental asylum, complete with a dirty glass box in the centre. The models began to walk, and their outfits ranged from trapeze dresses adorned with feathers to elaborate gowns made from razor clam shells and painted microscope slides, with "heel-less" shoes. 

During the final moments of the fashion show, the audience was captivated by an unexpected turn of events. As the models began to exit the stage, their attention was drawn towards a dark glass box that emerged at the runaway´s centre, becoming the new focal point for everyone present. Suddenly, the glass walls of the box shattered against the floor, revealing a plus-sized model lounging in the centre of the display. What was even more unusual was the fact that the model was completely naked, with only a modified respirator covering her face, while she was surrounded by large moths. This dramatic image was a direct reference to Joel-Peter Witkin's painting, Sanitarium (1983), and a bold statement by McQueen about society's narrow view of beauty and how it should be expanded to include all body types. After this powerful statement, the models flooded the runway, placed their hands on the two-sided mirror, and made their first connection with the audience. This poignant moment was a reminder of the importance of inclusivity and diversity in fashion and society as a whole.

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