Feel anxious and stressful and want an easy, fast and especially natural way to bring some tranquillity? Try this Uma´smagical Ayurvedic formula that works as a natural valium. This magic potion is formulated with roman chamomile essential oil that acts as a sedative to soothe tense nerves, while grounding vetiver essential oil relieves muscular stress, not to mention the final "touch" of beautifully scented lavender essential oil that enhances feelings of relaxation and calm, which is more than welcome at the end of every busy day.

A tip on how to use it? You start by massaging 4 drops between your toes, this is one of the fastest topical routes to your bloodstream, then a couple of drops covers your wrist, temples and behind your ears, then finally cup your hands over your mouth and breath in-and-out deeply 5 times.

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