text by our contributing editor and photographer lisbeth breland saalmink
images by lisbeth breland saalmink

Treasures. Undiscovered treasures. Maps to follow. Paths to be found. The authentic ones are hard to locate. In a city, in the city, as the capitol unravel itself with so many areas, so many impressions. Where are we to look, where are we to wander?

A deeply hidden secret. A real treasure chest, it glimpses with its presents and drag you towards all what it entails. For the adventurers, you might have found your Tokyo just here. The beautiful little Japanese store at 5-32-2 Daizawa Setagaya-ku, 7 min from Shimokitazawa station. A little shop that only measures 2 X 6,5 square metres, there is no measure to the atmosphere. As the space has stopped to coexist, you are now in a universe where you senses can start to play; look, grasp, touch, try and feel. Handcrafted cobber braces, woven suits and bowler hats, silver rings and leather belts, cotton shirts and linen backpacks, all with the signature of true craftsmanship and their Design-Atelier just in a walking distance away.

This universe is presented by the Designer duo and couple, Kohei-san and Marina-san and their brand, Klasica.

The silent garments makes a clear expression. The rework of military uniforms represent the Klasica design.Their tailoring has many a historic preferences, with an emphasis on comfort, a true understanding on how the fabric feels and moves with you. They use textile that compliments the silhouettes, and the raw wool material matches elegantly with their soft cotton shirts. In a palette where colours are distant, are the tones of the off-white, grey, black and dark blue quite expressive.
As the passion of Kohei-san and Marina-san design shins through. It feels authentic, honest and sincere. And it is off course all made in Japan. Few details, but a strong expression. The pieces stand alone as a suit or a uniform, or can even be mixed into a playful workwear-look if you like. And off course do not forget the silver necklace, it is an addition to your outfit. It compliments you. Classic and complete.

The treasure is still a secret, true identity comes from personal interaction. You have to dig, search and explore to find what is unique. Well, we have found it.

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