This is not a New Year promising list…a “new me” thing, neither “now it´s finally time to get serious” one. I am not a fan of it, probably because I cannot see the point of it. Why would I throw under the carpet or even simply erase something built through not only last 365 days, but especially many, many years of collecting mistakes, loses, loves, betrays, new meetings, new knowledge, good and bad habits. Years of growing, which I am still and will be till the last breath. Sounds romantically, which many fragments in life are or more accurately to say may have shades, tints of softness, easiness, lightness and joy, making you emotionally and spiritually fulfilled, balanced. Otherwise life is mostly intense, demanding, too fast and tough, even brutal, like my past 365 days, when, without extra drama, you have two options, to swim out of the “rising black water” or drown. The first option always sounds logical, which it is when you think about it during “calm-water” days, but always the hardest to choose when it’s actually happening. The consequence, the final act of it is the heavenly feeling with your personal luggage (a bit) fuller of wisdom and knowledge as it was before, and with you full of wounds that will become scars, your “life “partner „symbols, or “life medals” reflecting your inner strength and always reminding you which on which path you walked through life so far, which mistakes you made, the ones that you should avoid. Let’s rise and shine. Cheers to life! ❤️ xT

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