Who is familiar with the work of the American-born French filmmaker Eugène Green, knows his distinguish style mixing a formal rigor, playfully comicalness, the transcendent and the urgently human part, not to mention elements of rarefied stylised elegance of a classical theatre. In this film he drops some biblical motifs, Mary and Joseph, Abraham and Isaac, and put them into a contemporary setting as it was the most common, natural thing in the world. The story is about a discontented Parisian teenager Vincent, played by newcomer Victor Ezenfis, who after discovering that his single mum Marie, played by Natacha Régnier, was impregnated and virtually abandoned 16 years before by his father that he never met and knew about, an arrogant publisher and Parisian man-about-town Oscar Pormenor, played by Mathieu Amalric, decides to search him. Who and where is Joseph in this story, you are probably asking now? He is Oscar´s brother, played by Fabrizio Rongione, equally dispossessed and angry as him, but who falls in love with Marie, becoming another potential paternal-figure for Vincent.

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