We all praise the good trends, those that make good or best things to have their comeback and with a little pray hope to remain. Each sector has those good moments, perfume included. Hopefully the era of mass productions, with roots from the beginning of the 1900s due the development of synthetic aromas, is getting more and more overshadowed by brands like for example Mad et Len (pictured Black Uddù and Terre Noir eau de parfum), Nasomatto, Ormonde and even Tom Ford that are starting offering fragrances at higher concentrations, eau de parfum and extrait de parfum, as it was hundred years before. Once the world parfum meant aromatic ingredients diluted in pure alcohol at their highest practical concentration, normally around 15-20 per cent. You can imagine that a drop or two of this sumptuous liquid lasted hours and hours. 

/ original image courtesy of sophie tajan /

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