Lucas Vincent is an Australian designer who grew up in a surf-obsessed suburban Melbourne beach town, where the only way he could connect with "fashion world" was through magazines. It may sounds almost as a film-cliché, but this reality really stifled him, that´s why he decided to experience big fashion capitals. After seven years living in in Paris and New York, gaining tons of experience by working with leaders of the fashion industry, Lucas returned to his country and established his own menswear brand, Ex Infinitas. He merged the over- and always-present surf motif, especially the ´70s surf culture with minimalism and a modern, punk.
Why some fashion experts named Ex Infinitas as an Australian answer to Vetements, I don´t know. Maybe the reason is in that cool factor, but that´s something that cannot be named, because elusive and nonchalant. Or it is somehow a "common" source of inspiration that Vetements found it in "gopnik", a Russian term for a lower-class, typically post-Soviet male, while Ex Infinitas is into "bogan" that in Australian means someone with really bad taste or no taste. Is there really always a need to put everything and/or everyone into a certain box? No, please. When something is great, works and has potential, like here, that´s it. Leave it to breathe, to evolve. This is real. Truly, no bullshits. Even with his presentation, not a classic showcase, but a lookbook with a story, photographed by Fabien Montique, the one who has been working with Kanye west since 2012, not to mention the brand Off-White and the video directed by Jason Last. How we may call it? A real debut.

/ original images courtesy of ex infinitas /

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