If there is one brand that is not disappointing me lately (which I could not tell anymore for my always-beloved ones that are still, but, yeah, with a big "but"), but actually how surprisingly it´s evolving from collection to collection is Jospeh. Well, to be specific, my praise goes only, for now, to their womenswear, be cause more daring and distinguished and because in last few seasons each collection has all elements that are really important for me: being wearable with having especially in mind the daily-wear, functional, well-made, artisty and always with a surprise element. And the only merit for that needs to go to the creative director Louise Trotter and her team, who also impeccably and in my opinion, in the best way always merges the womenswear and menswear in each collection, with a result of evolved androgyny or even beyond that. For the Resort 2017 collection Louise continues with her cocooning and rooming silhouette, the one that protects, but also reveals at the same time, this time inspired by all types of uniforms, such as military and industrial or even prisoner, if you mind the use of different stripes in the collection.  Especially love high-wasted, floor-length wide, straight or flared pants in cotton and silk, retro-style cropped jackets, the sheepskin jacket and knitwear working as a dress or as a perfect complimentary for the best layering effect. 

/ original images courtesy of joseph /

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