No, it´s not about second-hand, well, not literally, but the main inspiration for Matine Rose while making this S/S 2017 collection came exactly from there. Actually she was interesting in clothes with "previous owners" and how they change context and meaning with new, different owners. That´s why she cut the clothes to look like they´ve been owned before, by enlarging and exaggerating their proportions and at the end creating unusual combinations, like a snakeskin leather jacket over a sporty polyester top, sporty socks worn over heeled loafers or a retro-style jumper tucked in her already-known oversized denim pants. Every piece has a badge with a name on to give us even more the feeling that this clothes had a previous owner, but they are "ready" for a new one, regardless if it´s a boy or a girl, a teenage or an old men.

/ original images courtesy of martine rose /

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