Hey Céline, hey Philo! Yep. Regardless the shocking (in my opinion not really or you till the end didn´t took the Trump-threat seriously?) result of U.S.-elections, Phoebe decided to share with us mortals her latest (in terms of show-timing) collection for French-lux, khm global, house for intellectual women, those who don´t ask, but just do, those who don´t wait, but act! Well, we are craving above her oversize trenchcoat, pleated ankle-length narrow pants and especially above the super-tailored pants with huge turn-ups. A bit less fans of cut-outs seen, or almost yawning re-seen on tops and dresses, surprised and doubtful on her choose to "pick" the Vetements-silhouette for her tailoring part. What the hell happened?!  Phoebe, wasn´t you who made silhouettes and trends to follow and no vice-versa? Or it is just something wrong with this day?

/ original images courtesy of céline /

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