Even though the oversize white T-shirts with an “IN” written on in big capital letters (designed and produced by the artist Wolfgang Tillmans) that many fashion show attendees wore, as also the designer itself urging people to register to vote to remain in the EU, didn´t help, Patrick Grant reconfirmed again something that was never doubtful; he knows how to dress a modern man, making it look very chic even with a pair of his bellowed high-waist short-shorts and a roomy shirt. This 24-look collection in very elegant, Armani-type colours got everything that a man is looking for, those quintessential garments like oversize shirts and tops in crisp cotton or linen, wide jackets in rounded shapes, denim pieces and his well-known high-waist bottoms. The only thing here that maybe tries you, dear men, to dare are those white or black Mary Janes, but they put an extra thumbs up to every look in my opinion.

/ original images courtesy of e.tautz /

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