Berluti is a synonym of high-quality and impeccable shoes, which each pair is moulded to the customer´s feet and can be customized in leather and patina, as well as with possible embellishment. Each pair of shoes, like this gorgeous Gaspard, need up to fifty hours of work with a total course of six to nine months. In that amount of time are included all steps; from the first appointment with a master shoemaker, best way in the house´s workshop on the Rue Marbeuf, where the measurements are taken to make a wooden last, to continue with the shoemaker who reproduces a pattern in cardboard, which will serve as guide to cut the yokes. After that comes the time for the second appointment, where the customers tries a dummy pair, allowing to make any final changes in design and/or fit. Done with that, the final construction can start, including hours of handwork processes like painstaking and intricate-work. When a pair is made, they leave them to dry for about ten days before applying a patina that is available in a wide variety of colours, making this way each pair unique. 

/ original image courtesy of joan braun /

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