I´ve seen many times different titles that so called "music-experts" gave to Róisín Murphy, ike for a simplest example an Irish electro-pop star or they even try to put her in somehow box as a cross between Björk, Grace Jones and Grimes, which I find it wrong. Will you understand someone if you put that one in a box, meaning limitation, when this person has its own, individual way to express? It´s like cutting the birds wings and then ask that same bird to fly or even sing. For me Róisín, if I need to give her a title, is a pure artist, who likes to combine music and visual-art or more detailed say, she is a pure restless innovator, musically and visually speaking and her latest, yesterday released work is a simple prove of that. "Take Her Up To Monto", her fourth solo album and eight studio album, was recorded and produced with her longtime collaborator Eddie Stevens. The album may seem like a following of last years released and Mercury Prize nominated "Hairly Toys", but would be inaccurate to say that. The album is a pure jewel on its own, Murphy´s personal statement on romance, love, dance and technology. Listen to the album´s track by track preview below and order your copy (digital, cd and lp). Long and freely live true artists like this!

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