There is something poetic, something tribal, African tradition, Ethiopian and Jamaican if you want to be precise, something monastic, almost discrete, but opulent and free at the same time. There was not just a man and a woman, but a whole spectre in-between. There was no labelling as women`s wear or menswear, but there were clothes, exquisitely made, made for anyone, with no boundaries. This is the world of Grace Wales Bonner. This is her S/S 2017, another collection that has no gender, neither cultural limits, barriers. A collection where “I like to put you in a box” people will have a hard time to distinguish what should be his and what should be hers, regardless if it´s about the skirt-pants, two button and double-breasted suits or about cropped jackets and so the coats in terms of sleeves, poet´s blouses, super-cropped pants and white, high-collared shirts, not to mention the jewellery and all embellishment made with tiny white seashells and beads. For open-mind people, I would say, which may sound as a limit, but the limit, if exist, is only in us.

/ original images courtesy of grace wales bonner /

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