I bet you´ve heard about this collection “Between”of Hussein Chalayan, his only third official, at least about the controversy that happened that time, and I have no doubts, that would have the same impact and effect today. This collection, among not only few others from this conceptual, experimental and innovative genius made a (fashion) history. What happened? Something like in-between the fashion show there were few models who wore chadors, first a group of three wearing white, long ones, made from really thin jersey-like material, that you could really get a perception that they were naked underneath, while the last six models, as a final step of the show wore black chadors of varying lengths. The first was full covered to the ground with an allowed gap just for her eyes. Each veil became shorter and shorter with the last one totally naked, except the mask that barely covered her face. According to Chalayan this piece was about defining cultural territory.

/ original images courtesy of hussein chalayan /

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