If you ask most women to go out without make-up, this has the same effect for them as going naked. I guess it is the same to ask bearded men to shave everything off, especially in last few years. And it´s not a matter of season here, because I´ve seen a lot of examples with not so light "facade" even during summer period. But why? I guess you can still look glowy with less on face and with easy and targeted products, after all it´s summer, a period of easiness, bare-skin and windy hair, but yes, with the "indispensable" melting-down factor too. Turn down your almost automatic-hand in the morning, with those routine, near-to addiction auto-movements and habits, including tons of product to make a true 3-d piece if art if not an architecture on your face. The proposal for you is to use only shockingly four products for your entire face! Nice one for a day-look. Ready? Before everything, the most important step, regardless make-up , it is a good daily skin-care routine, finished with a nice layer of SPF.

Get a subtle sheen of gloss on your eye lids and lips at the same time by using a shiny lip gloss in almost transparent shade, like Nars lip gloss in triple x or the double-sided Pat MacGrath Labs Skin Fetish 003 Nude Shiny Stick Highlighter+Balm duo or you can use the MAC Cosmetics Studio Eye Gloss in pearl varnish for an almost lacquered effect.  If you want to put some colour on your lips, you can use some matte lipstick in a shade similar of your lips or just a tone darker, like the one from Nars. But at the end, the rule of focus, to enhance only one part of your face, should be applicable on every season, the more in summer, that´s why we will focus on the eyes and beside that glow, we will give them some more open look, by using a a very thin (by very I literally mean veeeeeery), almost unnoticeable line with a gel liner pencil, like the one by Chantecaille. and by volumizing the eyelashes with mascara, like Lancome´s hypnose doll lashes. That´s it! Actually If you don´t use an extra lipstick, there are only three products on your face, so even barer. I guess worth to try.
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