text by our contributing editor and photographer lisbeth breland saalmink
images by lisbeth breland saalmink

Comfort, protection, shelter.

Waking up after an excellent night out, there is no need to cover up, just put on your glasses and hit the daylight.

The Metallicum Line of Bergen based Kaibosh hits the All-Star late eighties, truthful to their family heritage and Scandinavian minimalism.
When you find yourself on the stage of the world, being on a concert, dancing to tunes that unlocks the shyness and invite you in to the nowness, glimpsing at the rising sun after hours of endless encounters.

Worlds apart, we are still connected, by sharing intimate moments, in shame or in gratitude or just joyful togetherness.We all wake up to a new day, bringing forward our experience and a moment of truth.

Should your latest hours have been documented by a serial of selfies, well Good Morning darling. May I say you look stunning!

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