70´S? NO. PHILO!

It is absolutely clear that pre-collections are biggest money-makers for every brand. One of the reasons, probably the most logical one is that all pieces have the longest amount of so-called “shelf-time” before (chaotic) sale season starts. Consequently the collections are made more in the sellable spirit compared to the main ones that are generally the image-carrier of the brand. Clear. Phoebe also applies this logic in Céline’s collections, but still maintaining that simple elegance mixed with eccentricity for an independent, intellectual and feminine woman.  You can feel that her pre-fall 2016 has that seventies allure, but done in a modern, non-retro way, a way that each piece miles away almost screams “Phoebe, Phoebe!” confirming her predominance over season trends – she manipulates with a possible trend and not inversely. You may see ruffles on dresses, crushed velvet, suede coats possibly tied at the waist and even tiny-floral pattern, but the 70´s-influence ends here, because the shape is really Phoebe-sque – extremely voluminous, especially jackets, ornamented with oversize pockets, manly boxy-coats and fluid pants to bring that typical Philo androgynous allure. Not to mention her monochromatic trademark, even when in total tangerine, lemon-ish or purple. 

/ original images courtesy of céline /

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