As planed Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen released the pre-fall 2016 look-book less than two weeks before the collection arrives in shops (estimated on May 1). The strategy to hold all images until the delivery time of the collection that was already shown to buyers and editors in the middle of January this year, was to prevent so called customer fatigue or the real thing was to avoid low-cost copies? Regardless everything the delivered look-book features model Katrin Thormann looking ethereal as in one of those Renaissance paintings, probably because of the collection´s colour palette or some silhouettes and textures, especially accentuated on top-wear. This is a lovely continuation from the summer collection, less rigid, monastic, more romantic, poetic, focused on utility, cuts and materials, as all premium lines should do, well, of course only if they are selling the timeless flair.

/ all images courtesy of the row /

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