After three years of his last film ("Los amantes pasajeros" or titled in English "I´m so excited"), which I was not a big fan of, Almodóvar finally released the first trailer of his upcoming new movie. The original synopsis says:

"Julieta is a teacher of fifty five. She writes a long letter to her daughter, Antía, trying to explain all the things she has kept secret from her over the last 30 years. When she has finished her confession, she doesn’t know where to post the letter. Her daughter abandoned her when she was eighteen and Julieta hasn’t heard from her in the past twelve years. She has searched everywhere, but now realizes that Antía has become a total stranger to her. Julieta is about destiny, guilt complex and the unfathomable mystery that leads some people to abandon those they love, erasing them as if they meant nothing. It is also about the pain that this brutal desertion provokes in the victim."

Who follows Almodóvar and his work knows that the film was originally titled "Silencio", but was later replaced with "Julieta" to avoid confusion with the upcoming Martin Scorsese´s film "Silence". The really positive thing, at least by what we know till now, can see from the official trailer and what Almodóvar itself predicted is a sort of the return to his signature subject - the interior lives of women, like he did in his ground-breaking movies, such as 1999's "All About My Mother" and 1988's "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown".

Julieta stars among others Emma Suárez and Adriana Ugarte as the younger and older Julieta, but also Pilar Castro, Nathalie Poza and one and only Rossy de Palma

The film is set to be released on 08 April.

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