We´ve decided to add a new "series of fixed theme-posts", titled "Archive". I guess that you already got an idea of what is about. Everything has its own archive and it´s fascinating, inspiring, if not also educative to re-see how the stuff were done in the past and/or how they evolved/still evolving…etc. Focused more on fashion, architecture, art and industrial design, we want to bring you a glimpse of the past. Actually it´s not the first time that the site is doing posts about a past (do you remember our posts titled "past-view"?), but never become a true, constant thing. We couldn´t choose a better protagonist to break the ice. Nearly 50 years active in the fashion business, Comme des Garçons is a brand or more suitable to say a real institution, known for being ultra-revolutionary; a sort of a "limbo" between art and fashion, avoiding any possible rules dictated by the business. In all those years many photographers and artists, like Peter Lindbergh and Cindy Sherman (just to name few), collaborated with a brand to create unforgettable and inspiring ads, thirty of them are here ready for a re-visit.  

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