It´s quite a natural thing being inspired by art while creating. Art can easily inspire all people in almost every-life segment, fashion included. You cannot imagine what kind of strongy synergy was always present between those two. And it always will. Francisco Costa and his Calvin Klein woman couldn´t oppose on that either. Charmed and influenced by neutral colours and curvaceous, bold, but very polished work of the 20th century British sculptor Barbara Hepworth, Costa delivered a collection where two, at first sight different words, collided together, forming a harmonious unit. A polished-refined dressing mixed with more street, urban one, like for example bodycon jackets and light coats paired with loose pants or long sweaters with long, side-splitted, peplum-hem skirts. Details like detachable fake-fur cuffs on coats, half-circle buttons, and side-sleeve cuts on super-fine knitwear or the arty-cuff (made in collaboration with artist David Croland) pinned to the lapel of a jacket, got a big part here too. Actually they make a (true) difference. 

/ original images courtesy of calvin klein /

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